Katherine Heigl And Daughter Naleigh Return To The View

It was a family affair for Katherine Heigl as she visited ABC talk show The View on November 28. Her daughter Naleigh, mother Nancy and sister Meg, were all present in the audience to support her appearance. Heigl was in New York to promote Season 2 of her Netflix series Firefly Lane which returned to screens on December 2.

The program also marked a return for Naleigh to The View, after stealing the show in her first appearance a decade ago. Her presence prompted a clip from the January 23, 2012 edition of the program where the toddler ran on stage to hug her mom. Katherine was visibly emotional as she spoke about that time in her life, when she first became a mother.

“Naleigh came to us at 9 months and three days later I got on a plane and went to work in Atlanta (for the movie Life As We Know It). At the time, becoming a new mother I was just like, ‘I got it, I got it, I can handle this,’ ” Heigl recalled. Naleigh who turned 14 on November 23, was adopted from South Korea in 2009.

“You know, ‘They’ve told us we can have it all. We can have careers and families and it’s all going to be great. It’s all going to work out.’ I never saw that baby,” Heigl said.  She continued,  “I was at work with three triplets who were playing my goddaughter spent more time with them than I did with my new daughter. She bonded with my husband — of course — he was with her. So I was always afraid I had missed this opportunity to bond with her, and that she didn’t love me.”

Discussion turned to Katherine’s own childhood, where she began her career as a child model in New York, posing for catalog magazines. Asked whether she’d let her kids go into modeling, Katherine admitted that she wouldn’t want it for her three children, but had fond memories of her own experiences. “To me it was like a really elaborate game of make-believe and I always loved make-believe.” she explained.

With the success of Firefly Lane, the hosts were keen to find out what Katherine could tell them about Season 2 of the hit drama. Although she did not reveal what had caused the rift between her character Tully and best friend Kate, which closed the first season of the show on a cliffhanger, Heigl admitted that it was a very hard storyline for her to reconcile. “I struggled with it, I still struggle with it a little bit. What the rift ultimately is…I feel it’s like very grey. It’s a very grey area. To me it didn’t feel like a clear black and white…like Tully did this horrible thing…I certainly see Kate’s perspective but I feel defensive of Tully. I am interested to see what the fans feel about it.” Katherine also spoke of her affection and friendship with co-star Sarah Chalke.

Before the interview wrapped, there was also time to discuss Badlands Ranch, Katherine’s new dog food brand, and how it differs from the numerous products that fill the pet food aisles. Find out more information at www.badlandsranch.com.