Katherine Heigl Launches Badlands Ranch Premium Dog Nutrition Brand

Badlands Ranch Provides “The Best Ingredients a Dog Can Eat”  with a Commitment to Helping Rescue Dogs Through the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

PARK CITY, UTAH – (August 25, 2022) – Badlands Ranch™ officially launches its new, premium dog nutrition brand, providing superfood-packed dog food and treats for canine health. Founded by actress, animal advocate, and philanthropist Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Firefly Lane), the brand is named after her family ranch in Utah, where they offer medical care, obedience training, and assist in the forever placement of dogs to happy, loving homes across the U.S. in partnership with the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation.

Badlands Ranch was created to deliver delicious products that nourish dogs inside and out for overall health while placing animal welfare as our top priority,” says Katherine Heigl. “We’re pleased to be able to serve a bigger purpose. When your dog eats Superfood Complete™, you’re not just helping them achieve a healthier life, you’re helping another dog in need get nutritious food, too,” she continues.

Rooted in the simple theory that every dog should be treated with love and respect, Badlands Ranch prioritizes safe, responsible food preparation practices by slow-cooking, freeze-drying, and air-drying their products to ensure maximum freshness and nutritional quality. All products are created using nutrient-packed ingredients to ensure that each bite is not only rich and tasty but also results in a well-balanced diet. These ingredients are hand-selected to support your dog’s skin, coat, digestion, immune function, and energy. The flagship product, Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete™ dog food, features powerhouse superfoods—like flax seeds, turmeric, and lion’s mane mushrooms—shown to help support playful energy, smooth digestion, a healthy coat, and more.*

Badlands Ranch prioritizes animal well-being and welfare through its sponsorship of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded by Katherine Heigl and her mother, Nancy Heigl. Founded in honor of Katherine’s late brother, Jason, who was a fierce animal advocate, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation has rescued over 8,000 dogs from high-kill shelters and funded 25,000 spay/neuter surgeries. Badlands Ranch is a proud sponsor of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation.

Katherine Heigl’s Badlands Ranch pet brand officially launches with two premium products for your beloved, four-legged friends.

Details of the Badlands Ranch dog nutrition products are as follows:

  • Superfood Complete - Dog Food
  • Superfood Complete is a premium quality dog food that contains carefully selected superfoods, adaptogens, and a variety of healthy ingredients, including ranch-raised beef, salmon, and gut-healthy vegetables. The air-dried food also contains a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals. Superfood Complete can be served completely dry or rehydrated with warm water, based on your pet’s preference.
  • (SRP: $59.95, 24 oz)
  • Superfood Bites - Treats
  • Superfood Bites are a premium, single-ingredient treat made with freeze-dried raw beef liver, creating a healthy source of protein for your pup. The freeze-dry process locks in the nutrients while providing the raw flavor dogs love with zero fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.
  • (SRP: $19.99, 4 oz)

*All pets are unique. Your pet’s results can and will vary.

Badlands Ranch products are available for purchase at www.badlandsranch.com.

About Badlands Ranch

Founded by Katherine Heigl collaborating with canine nutritionists, Badlands Ranch is a premium pet nutrition brand, providing carefully crafted pet food, treats, and supplements for canine health. All products are created using the highest quality, safety standards, and cooking practices to ensure maximum freshness and nutritional content. Each ingredient is hand-selected to support your dog’s skin and coat, digestion, immune system, energy and a well-balanced diet overall. Badlands Ranch currently offers dog food, treats, and will launch an upcoming superfood supplement later in 2022. To learn more about Badlands Ranch visit www.badlandsranch.com, @BadlandsRanchPets on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, @BadlandsRanch on TikTok, and @BadlandsPets on Twitter.

About Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

Katherine Heigl and her mother Nancy co-founded the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation in 2008 in honor of her late, older brother. The foundation helps fund pet education programs, actively supports spay/neuter programs and pet adoption programs; and provides funding to help other rescue groups. It also funds and supports dog transport programs that transport dogs from local overcrowded Southern California shelters to both no-kill shelters and rescues in areas where there is greater demand for pets. To date, the foundation has helped countless animals in need by funding more than 25,000 spay/neuter surgeries; transporting of over 8,000 animals out of high-kill shelters to areas where they are rapidly adopted; funding microchipping and vaccination programs; and supporting an overwhelming variety of adoption, training, and advocacy programs intently focused on improving the plight of our pets. For more information, visit www.jasonheigl.foundation.

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